LED High Bay for Factory and Warehouse

  • Inherit red circle design
  • Long neck, easily installation
  • Original design by RED100, the inventor of The middle-hole convection, 30% increase in heat dissipation
  • With light-weight, more safety
  • Easy To Install Like A Bulb!
  • If it with the lamp cover, beam angle change from 120°to 100°
  • 50,000H@L70, lifetime more longer, Lumens decline is slower
  • Use PC+AL material, heat dissipating capability more better


Suitable for factory, warehouse, parking lot and other Manufacturing Facilities.

Features & Benefits

  • LED High Bay for Factory and Warehouse02

    Design inspiration: Wind tunnel

    RED100 designers learned from wind tunnel principle, then the designers creatively use wind tunnel concept into the design of high power LED and develop wind tunnel type middle hole convection heat dissipation technology. Original design by RED100, the inventor of the middle-hole convection, 30% increase in heat dissipation.

    V2 inherit red circle design, combined with the Red100 logo, create a good high power lamp has a red ring, V2 Integrated the square & round, graceful arc and tough fence, unique design makes V2 a special high bay.

  • LED High Bay for Factory and Warehouse03

    Perfect beam angle 120°
    Large beam angle, large illuminate range, low lux.

    Small beam angle, small illuminate range, high lux.

    According to the China’s “Architecture lighting design standard” GB50034-2013,

    The suggested supplementary lighting lux range for factories and warehouses is 75-110 lx. So V2 40w is for normal workshop (4-6m), V2 60W is for medium-sized factory

    Warehouse (6-8m), V2 80-160W is for big factory and big warehouse (14-16m).

  • LED High Bay for Factory and Warehouse01

    Long neck V2, High-power LED bulb, is ideal for replacing traditional Mercury/CFL/HID Lamp

    Traditional hook high-bay is difficult to replace, red100 screw high-bay, easy to install like a bulb! Easy to replace like a bulb! Traditional hook is difficult to repair and high replacement cost! Screw design is easy to install and replace like a bulb.

    Long neck design, easily installation, is suitable for more lighting fixture.

    Application: Metal Fabricators, Machine Shops, Paper Converters, Wood Shops, Warehouse and other Manufacturing Facilities.


Model No. Wattage(w) Input Voltage(v) PF Ra Lumen(lm) Beam Angle Size(mm) Working Temp. Life Time(H) Cap Base Carton Size cm/pcs CBM CTN m³ Weight/pcs
V2 40 100-240 0.9 80 4000 120° 147*224 -20-40℃ 15000 E27/E40 155*155*240 5.766 380g
V2 60 100-240 0.9 80 6000 120° 169*236 -20-40℃ 15000 E27/E40 180*180*260 8.424 520g
V2 80 100-240 0.9 80 8000 120° 189*279 -20-40℃ 15000 E40 200*200*290 11.600 660g
V2 120 100-240 0.9 80 12000 120° 230*325 -20-40℃ 15000 E40 245*245*345 20.708 1125g
V2 160 100-240 0.9 80 16000 120° 280*396 -20-40℃ 15000 E40 307*307*425 40.055 1565g