LED High Bay for Factory and Warehouse

  • Easy to install like a bulb!
  • Easy to replace like a bulb!
  • Lamp can free to match with the cover
  • All metal, superior to the traditional factory lamp


Suitable for warehouse, factory, shopping mall etc.

Features & Benefits

  • LED High Bay for Factory and Warehouse (1)

    Long neck, High-power LED bulb, first choice for workshop & warehouse

    Traditional hook high-bay is difficult to replace, red100 screw high-bay, easy to install like a bulb! Easy to replace like a bulb!
    Perfect performance:

    1. Original design by RED100.the inventor of the middle-hole convection, 30% increase in heat dissipation.
    2. With STC, when the temperature is more than 85°,the power will be adjusted smartly
    3. Long neck, suitable for more lighting fixture
    4. Suitable for 4 to 12 meters height large space environment
  • LED High Bay for Factory and Warehouse (2)

    Break through traditional technology: Mid-hole Convection Heat Dissipation Technology

    RED100 designers learned from wind tunnel principle, then the designers creatively use wind tunnel concept into the design of high power LED and develop wind tunnel type middle hole convection heat dissipation technology.
    Makes full use of the principal air convection, increases the convection heat dissipation ability so as to enhance the lamp heat dissipation ability by 30%.Red100 is the inventor of the Mid-hole convection heat dissipation in China.

  • LED High Bay for Factory and Warehouse (3)


    Metal Fabricators, Machine Shops, Paper Converters, Wood Shops, Warehouse and other Manufacturing Facilities.


Model No. Wattage(w) Input Voltage(v) PF Ra Lumen(lm) Beam Angle Size(mm) Working Temp. Life Time(H) Cap Base Carton Size cm/pcs CBM CTN m³ Weight/pcs
V4 40 110-240 0.9 80 3400 120° 130*193 -20-40℃ 25000 E27/E40 48.5*32.5*26/6 0.040 242g 265g
V4 60 110-240 0.9 80 5100 120° 158*210 -20-40℃ 25000 E40 56*37.5*28/6 0.059 410g
V4 80 110-240 0.9 80 6800 120° 185*228 -20-40℃ 25000 E40 58.7*39.5*25.8/6 0.059 483g
V4 100 110-240 0.9 80 8500 120° 220*224 -20-40℃ 25000 E40 65.8*44.3*27/6 0.078 603g


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