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The first day of the 124th Canton Fair, Red100 is making a great start!

The first day of the 124th Canton Fair, Red100 is making a great start!

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On October 15, 2018, the 124th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was grandly launched. Red100 high-power LED products are still the most popular, also monthly selling18 million ——A3 single bulb is also popular among domestic and foreign customers for its excellent performance.



On the first day of the Canton Fair, high-power LEDs become the most popular and favorite products. 24 years focusing on the design,research,development,manufacturing and sales of high-power lighting. Red100 had a better understanding of the needs of customers and high-power products on the market.



Red100 A3 single bulb,with its high cost-effective performance, the monthly sales have exceeded 18 million pcs, and today it is also very popular at the Canton Fair. 



Welcome to Red100 booth on Hall 13.2,  D35-36 & E12-13,looking forward to see you !