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Red100 and Tuya Smart Signed Strategic Cooperation!


Red100 and Tuya Smart Signed Strategic Cooperation!

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On 22nd January, Red100 and Tuya Smart held an strategic cooperation signing ceremony at Tuya Smart's China headquarters in Hangzhou.

Lin Limin, chairman of Red100 Lighting, said:"Global smart lighting has already entered a period of rapid development. Based on this, we have reached an in-depth cooperation with Tuya Smart, with the help of Tuya Smart IoT development tools to create smart lighting solutions that meet the local market and seize the global market opportunities." "This cooperation with Red100 Lighting is not only a powerful exploration of the "This cooperation with Red100 Lighting is not only a powerful exploration of the emerging smart lighting market, but also a powerful measure to promote  the implementation of smart lighting in emerging markets.

Both parties will dig deeper into the landing scenes and market opportunities of smart lighting in the global market in  addition to technicla empowerment.“Chen Liaohan, founder and chairman of Tuya Smart said.

Red100 Lighting and Tuya smart will cooperate deeply in the market and products, and work together in channels and technology and other advantages to jointly create new smart lighting products, leading the new trend of the global lighting market.


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